Here’s an old video of this arrangement from 2005. The quality of the video is pretty bad but it will at least allow you to see how I played it.

Note:  All of the following arrangements for the BARITONE ukulele so the tuning and chords are different than on a standard uke. You can play this same arrangement on a standard ukulele just like it is but it will be in the key of C instead of the key of G.


The first arrangement is just the melody with basic chords. I included standard notation as well as tablature.


Here’s the fingerstyle accompaniment arrangement I used in the recording on the verses where I sang.


This is a more basic chord melody solo that you can play if the other one is too difficult.


This is the fingerstyle solo that I played on the recording. If it’s too difficult, just play the easier one above until you get the hang of it then advance to this one.