Here are three arrangements of Big Rock Candy Mountain in the key of G. I did these more than ten years ago and if I were doing it all over today I’d probably arrange it in the key of C instead since that was the key I used for my other recordings (guitar and ukulele). Also, I didn’t include the intro on these tabs, which I probably should have done. Not sure what my thought process was at the time. I’ll include my guitar recording below as well as the Harry McClintock recording from 1928, which was my inspiration. Keep in mind that if you want to play along with my recording you’d need to be in the same key, which means you’d need to capo up to the 5th fret (and don’t forget the 5th string needs to go up an additional 5 frets as well). Feel free to ask questions if you’re stumped. I don’t usually go back and redo songs but this is one I might actually revisit one of these days if there’s much interest in it.


Clawhammer Banjo Level 1:


Clawhammer Banjo Level 2:


Clawhammer Banjo Level 3:


Here’s my guitar recording in the key of C:


Here’s the Harry McClintock recording from 1928: