I recorded this song in kind of a bluesy Travis Picking style. Here’s my arrangement that I played for the breaks on the recording. For the verses I just played the chords, in the same style but without the melody.


The Melody & Accompaniment arrangement below shows an easy way to accompany a song fingerstyle (the bottom line of tab). Just use your thumb to alternate the bass notes on the counts of 1 and 3, and use your index and middle fingers to pluck up on the other two notes I’ve written in. They’re all part of the chord so you don’t have to worry about playing notes outside of the chord. Of course, the top line of tab is just the basic melody of the song, which you can play for extra practice on playing melodies.


Here’s an easier fingerstyle solo. In arranging this I mostly just put a chord at the beginning of each measure and then followed that with melody notes. That’s an easy way to create your own arrangements that works well many times. For those chords on the count of 1 that require you to play 3 notes, use your thumb for the lowest one (the bass note), your index finger for the middle note, and your index finger for the highest note, which will usually be a melody note.