I’m including four tablature arrangements of this song — the melody, two clawhammer ukulele arrangements, and a bluegrass ukulele arrangement that uses bluegrass style rolls on the uke. I haven’t done a lot of bluegrass style arrangements for the uke but it works out well for many songs and if there’s any interest in it I’ll do some more in the future. Let me know if you’d like more of those.

As always, if you’re not familiar with the clawhammer ukulele technique you should watch my four videos that teach this technique.

The video is actually just my original MP3 recording from 2005 that I put in video format so I could upload it to YouTube. Since it’s a well known Stephen Foster song that’s now in the public domain there are no copyright restrictions so I may do a more in depth video tutorial on it at sometime in the future.



All of the other arrangements use this one as their basic foundation.


Clawhammer Arrangement #1 (Basic):


Clawhammer Arrangement #2 (Intermediate):


Bluegrass Arrangement:

This arrangement uses bluegrass-style banjo rolls adapted for the ukulele.