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Christmas Sing-along PDF Printout – Easy Guitar Chords

I did this for a Christmas party I’m going to this week where a couple of friends and I are playing some easy songs that people can sing along with. It’s just seven songs but I’m thinking that might be plenty for the attention span at a Christmas party. I just included one verse of most of them. I tried to do them all in easy-to-sing keys with easy guitar chords. Most notable is the great Leonard Cohen tune, “Hallelujah,” for which I included the Christmas lyrics.

This was just for personal use and I hadn’t planned on sharing it here but then I thought somebody else might find it useful, so here ya go. Make a few copies and take them to your next Christmas party (along with your guitar).

What Child Is This? (Greensleeves) – Guitar Tab


The first tab is the fingerstyle arrangement I played beginning at 1:48 on the recording. I included the right hand fingering that I used (T=Thumb, I=Index, and M=Middle).


Next is an easier fingerstyle arrangement for you to play if the one above is too difficult.


Here’s a simple alternating bass strum arrangement (bottom line of tab) you can play while you’re singing.

We Three Kings – Guitar Tab


The first tablature is a Travis picking arrangement. It’s what I played on the recording before singing the first verse. Traditionally this song is played in 3/4 time, but on the recording I played it in 4/4 time, which I prefer for this song.

I didn’t tab out the fingerstyle accompaniment that I used but it’s basically the same style without anything extra (just the chords).


Here’s a simplified chord accompaniment arrangement (bottom line) along with the melody (top line).


If you prefer 3/4 time, here’s an melody and accompaniment arrangement for you.

Silent Night – Guitar Tab


The first tablature is for the chord melody solo that I played after the 2nd verse. It begins at about 1:25 on the recording.


Next is a melody (top line) and accompaniment (bottom line) arrangement. It’s not exactly what I played on the recording but is a simple way to play the chords for Silent Night using an alternating bass strumming pattern. As always, you can play the melody for extra practice with individual notes or two different guitars can play as a duet.


Jingle Bells – Guitar Tab


This is a simple arrangement with melody on the top line of tab and an alternating bass strumming backup on the bottom line. The strumming is basically what I’m playing on the recording above, but unfortunately the guitar is drowned out a little by the clawhammer banjo. Still, you should be able to play either the melody or the accompaniment along with the recording, or better yet, play the chord accompaniment while you sing the song yourself.


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