Clawhammer Ukulele

Ukey Duel Dandy – Dueling Banjos for Ukulele – Clawhammer Ukulele Tablature

I recorded this tune about 7 years before I wrote the tablature when somebody asked if it was possible to play Dueling Banjos on the ukulele. I knew the basic tune of Dueling Banjos but hadn’t played it on the ukulele. As I messed around with what I remember of the tune, I came up with what I recorded on the video. It was more of an improvisation than an actual arrangement and for years people have asked me about a tablature arrangement and I’ve kept saying I might get around to writing it one of these days.  I finally got around to it, and although it might not be exactly what I played on the video, it’s pretty close.  I’m thinking about doing a measure-by-measure explanation of the whole thing in the near future. Let me know if you’re interested.

My 4-video series on clawhammer ukulele will teach you all of the techniques you need to know.

The first few seconds of the original video on YouTube seem to be corrupted and I don’t have the original backup. Sorry about that.


Last but not least, here’s the tablature arrangement that took me 7 years to get around to doing…

O Susanna – Clawhammer Ukulele

Another Stephen Foster classic, “O Susanna” works out well in the clawhammer style for ukulele. Sorry about the quality of the video. It’s an old video from about ten years ago and I haven’t gotten around to re-recording it since then.

There are four tab arrangements, with the first being the melody and then three levels of clawhammer uke arrangements including a beginner arrangement, an intermediate arrangement with slurred notes but no drop them, and finally an arrangement that includes drop thumb.




Clawhammer Arrangement #1 (Basic):


Clawhammer Arrangement #2 (Intermediate – Includes slurred notes but no drop thumb):


Clawhammer Arrangement #3 (Advanced – Includes slurred notes and drop thumb):

My Old Kentucky Home – Clawhammer and Bluegrass Ukulele

I’m including four tablature arrangements of this song — the melody, two clawhammer ukulele arrangements, and a bluegrass ukulele arrangement that uses bluegrass style rolls on the uke. I haven’t done a lot of bluegrass style arrangements for the uke but it works out well for many songs and if there’s any interest in it I’ll do some more in the future. Let me know if you’d like more of those.

As always, if you’re not familiar with the clawhammer ukulele technique you should watch my four videos that teach this technique.

The video is actually just my original MP3 recording from 2005 that I put in video format so I could upload it to YouTube. Since it’s a well known Stephen Foster song that’s now in the public domain there are no copyright restrictions so I may do a more in depth video tutorial on it at sometime in the future.



All of the other arrangements use this one as their basic foundation.


Clawhammer Arrangement #1 (Basic):


Clawhammer Arrangement #2 (Intermediate):


Bluegrass Arrangement:

This arrangement uses bluegrass-style banjo rolls adapted for the ukulele.

My Dog Has Fleas – Clawhammer Ukulele

I wrote this song in 2001, not too long after I began playing the uke, after I found out there wasn’t really a definitive song called “My Dog Has Fleas” and having heard that you tune your ukulele to these notes. So I decided I’d write the song with the emphasis on the G-C-E-A tuning being the first four melody notes of each verse. I’m happy to say that it’s gained some popularity since that time and has been recorded by some artists and has been shared around quite a bit.



This is a simple song but if you’re new to clawhammer ukulele you need to be sure that you’re familiar with the material in my 4-part Clawhammer Ukulele Tutorial series so you understand the techniques that are used. While it is a simple arrangement, it still uses techniques from all four videos such as drop thumb and slurred notes so I wouldn’t call it a beginner arrangement.

Here’s the tablature in PDF form. I included two tablature lines with the top being just the lyrics along with the melody notes and the bottom being what I actually played on the recording.


This was the first song I taught in the Basic Ukulele Video Course and if you need help with the basics of playing the ukulele be sure to go through all of those lessons for a good foundation. Here’s the beginner version with a simple strum…

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