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House of the Rising Sun – Pattern Picking for Guitar


House of the Rising Sun provides great practice for beginners because all of the chords are basic chords that you will use many times in the future. The melody notes in the “Melody & Accompaniment” arrangement are very simple and should be fairly easy even if you are just starting out. This song has been recorded by everybody from the Animals to Doc Watson and everybody does it a little differently. My recording is a combination of the 6/8 arpeggio pattern and the 4/4 pattern picking arrangements but you can play the song any way you choose to.


Melody & Accompaniment:


6/8 Time Arpeggio:

(I played this at the beginning of the recording)


4/4 Time “Pattern Picking”:

(This is what I played while singing the verses in the recording)


Intermediate Flatpick Solo:

(This is not on the recording but is another example of how you can play the song)

Handsome Molly – #Flatpicking #Bluegrass #Guitar #Tablature

Since there are several arrangements each for bluegrass banjo and guitar, I made two separate posts. Here are the bluegrass guitar arrangements.

Click Here for the Bluegrass Banjo tablatures.


On the recording I played the Intermediate Flatpick Solo, but if you’re a beginner start with the easier arrangement then when you’re ready, go to the more advanced tab.


Melody & Accompaniment (it’s what I’m playing while I’m singing):


Easy Flatpick Solo:


Intermediate Flatpick Solo:

Cumberland Gap – #Clawhammer & #Bluegrass #Banjo & Flatpick #Guitar #Tablature

This was a popular traditional Civil War song. I’ve included clawhammer banjo, bluegrass banjo, and guitar arrangements. The recording features only clawhammer banjo and guitar (no bluegrass banjo).


Clawhammer Banjo Arrangement:

Play the “A” part twice (measures 1-4) then play the “B” part twice (measures 5-8). After the 8th measure each of the 4-measure groups is just a variation of either the “A” part or the “B” part and you can choose to play any of them or none of them — it’s up to you.


Bluegrass Banjo Arrangement:


Flatpicking Guitar Arrangement:

The following arrangement of “Cumberland Gap” is not meant to be played in the exact order as it is written below. The first eight measures are simply the melody (which is not meant to be played — it’s just so you can hear how the song goes), then the following eight measures (9-16) are the accompaniment that you would play while you are singing or another instrument is playing the lead part. Measures 17-20 contain a lead break that can be played. The double dots at the beginning of measure 17 and the end of measure 20 means you should repeat it, so the whole break would be 8 measure long (4+4). Measures 21-24 contain another lead break, a little more complicated than the previous one. The final four measures contain a lead part for the melody section if you would like to add it in somewhere. Keep in mind that to play the song along with singing or other instruments that it’s just necessary to play measures 9 through 16. The whole song is basically only these eight measures repeated over and over. Also you will notice that those eight measures (9-16) can be further broken down into two identical 4-measure blocks, so actually the chord progression of the entire song is just four measures repeated over and over (9-12). There are other ways to do it, but I think of it as being a fiddle tune, with an “A” part and a “B” part, each being repeated twice.

Church in the Wildwood – Melody & Accompaniment – Flatpick Guitar

Here are several arrangements I made for Church in the Wildwood. First is Melody (top line) & Accompaniment (bottom line) with alternating bass and strumming.


Here’s an easy flatpick solo with quarter notes only:


The final arrangement builds on the one above, adding more advanced flatpicking techniques:

Bury Me Beneath the Willow – Flatpick Guitar Tablature

I’m including three different tablature for this tune: a “Melody and Accompaniment” arrangement that includes two lines of tab (the melody on the top line and what I played while singing the verses on the bottom line), an intermediate flatpicking solo that I played between a couple of the verses, and a simplified solo for beginners.



Melody & Accompaniment:


Flatpicking Solo that I played on the recording:


Simplified Flatpicking Solo:

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