Travis Picking Ukulele

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Fingerpicking Ukulele and EZ Chord Melody Solo

Since it’s so well known and a simple melody, this is a great song to get you started with fingerpicking on the ukulele. On the recording I played the Fingerstyle #2 arrangement. I should add that, although it’s a simple melody, I’ve arranged it in a Travis Picking style with lots of notes in the #2 arrangement and if you listen to the recording you’ll notice it’s not exactly a beginner arrangement.

The Fingerstyle #1 arrangement is a simplified version and would be best to start with if you’re a beginner.  I also included an EZ Chord Melody Solo.

Melody Only:


Fingerstyle Arrangement #2 (the one played on the recording):


Fingerstyle Arrangement #1 (easier to play than the #2 arrangement):


EZ Chord Melody Solo:

Sittin’ On Top of the World – Fingerstyle Accompaniment for Ukulele

I’m only including one arrangement for Sittin’ On Top of the World because that’s all I played in the recording. It’s a bouncy and kind of bluesy traditional tune that I recorded in the key of G and in between a couple of verses I played a harmonica solo. The fingerstyle ukulele accompaniment that I play while I’m singing is Travis Picking style — be sure to keep your thumb moving and alternating 4 times in each measure.


Here’s what I played on the uke…