A few days after the attack on the World Trade Center my wife and I took the original words to all the verses of “The Star Spangled Banner” and used some of those that were appropriate as well as adding some of our own to create a patriotic song to the tune of Wildwood Flower. Following the video I’m including a bunch of different arrangements of Wildwood Flower including 4 for guitar, 3 for bluegrass banjo, and 3 for clawhammer banjo. The recording is in the key of G. Some of the arrangements are in G and others are in the key of C.


I’m going to add all of the arrangements to this post. Let me know if loading all of the different tabs causes problems with your computer and I can separate them into three different posts, but I’d like to leave them all together if it works out.


*** Guitar ***


Guitar – Key of G – Basic and Intermediate Arrangements:


Guitar – Key of G – Melody & Accompaniment with 1st verse of Star Spangled Flower:


Guitar – Key of C – EZ Flatpick Arrangement:


Guitar – Key of C – Intermediate Flatpick Arrangement:


*** Bluegrass Banjo ***

Note: All banjo arrangements are in the key of G.


Bluegrass Banjo Level 1:


Bluegrass Banjo Level 2:


Bluegrass Banjo Level 3 (Includes guitar accompaniment):


*** Clawhammer Banjo ***


Clawhammer Banjo Level 1:


Clawhammer Banjo Level 2:


Clawhammer Banjo Level 3: