Speed of the Sound of Loneliness – #Ukulele Travis Picking with Chords & Lyrics

“Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” is a John Prine classic from the 1986 album “German Afternoons.” It was also released as a single as a duet by Prine and Nanci Griffith on her album “Other Voices, Other Rooms” in 1993.


The chord progression is about as simple as it can get, being just G, C, and D (in that order) all the way through the song.


This song uses “Travis Picking” fingerstyle accompaniment on the ukulele. Many of my songs use the same technique and it’s simple once you get the hang of it, although it may take quite a bit of practicing it slowly to master it.


The first three example patterns on my fingerstyle tutorial show you how to play it. Here’s a link:

Fingerstyle Ukulele Tutorial


I’ve also created a separate category just for the Travis Picking style where you can find other songs that I play in the same style. You can find it here:



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