Seminole Wind – #Ukulele Strum-Along with Chords and Lyrics

John Anderson wrote and released “Seminole Wind” in 1992 and the song reached the #2 spot on the U.S. Hot Country Songs chart. It’s since been covered by other artists including Donna the Buffalo and James Taylor.


It’s usually played in the key of Em, and it’s really easy to play since the chord progression repeats the same four chords throughout the song.


Since the Em chord is a little more difficult for some uke players, I decided to record it in Dm instead, so the chords are Dm, F, C, and G, and those repeat with no variation throughout the song (1 measure each).


Danny Boy – #Ukulele Strum-Along with Chords and Lyrics

The lyrics to “Danny Boy” were written in 1910 by Frederic Weatherly to the tune of the traditional Irish tune “Londonderry Air.” It’s reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart several times by different artists including Conway Twitty, Andy Williams, Jackie Wilson, and Ray Price.


My Get Up and Go – #Ukulele Strum-Along with Chords and Lyrics

“My Get Up and Go” was popularized in folk music circles by Pete Seeger. Pete didn’t write it but performed it regularly in concert. According to Pete Seeger’s autobiography, the actual author was a “newspaper man,” and when Pete contacted him to offer him royalties for the song, the author refused and said he’d rather remain anonymous, so Pete claimed to be the only one who knew the author’s true identity, and he never revealed that info.

I played it in the key of C as a ukulele strum-along in 3/4 time.