Dooley – Clawhammer #Ukulele with Tablature

“Dooley” was written by Rodney Dillard and recorded by his family group, The Dillards. They were also known as The Darling Family when they appeared on The Andy Griffith Show back in the 1960s, and this is one of the songs they played on the show. It’s been a popular bluegrass tune ever since.

I played it clawhammer style on the ukulele and you’ll need to know the basics of clawhammer to play it this way. Check out the four videos in my Clawhammer Uke Tutorial to learn…

Clawhammer Uke Tutorial

I am including tablature for the break that I played twice on my recording (at the beginning and after the 1st verse). I’m also including a simpler basic version with no bells or whistles. It might help as you’re learning to use the YouTube option to slow it down to half speed or whatever’s right for you. It’s not difficult but I played it pretty fast. You could learn it and play it at about half speed when you’re playing and it’ll still sound good.


The tab below is a stripped down version of the one above that was played on the uke video. It might help to learn the easy version first if you're having trouble with the more advanced one.