Pack Up Your Sorrows – Clawhammer #Ukulele with Tablature

Classic 1960s folk song written by Richard Farina and recorded by him and his wife Mimi Farina (the sister of Joan Baez). This was their most famous recording before Richard’s untimely death in a motorcycle accident in 1966.

Tablature is included here for the break I played at the beginning of the song. After you learn it you might want to switch it to a different place such as after the 2nd verse. I put the break up front so it would be easier to find while you’re learning it.

It’s a simple song with easy chords that of course can just be strummed if you don’t play clawhammer style, and of course if you want to learn clawhammer watch my clawhammer ukulele tutorial.



Cripple Creek – Clawhammer Ukulele with Tablature

The traditional song “Cripple Creek” arranged for clawhammer uke. I played several verses of the song with chords and lyrics with a break between most verses. After the song I included tablature for both a simplified arrangement with no slurred notes as well as the break as I played it on the recording. If you’re new to clawhammer or don’t know how to read tablature please be sure to watch my instructional videos on the subject.