Where I’m Going – Gospel #Ukulele Chords & Lyrics

This is a gospel song written by Marijohn Wilkin back in the 1960s (or maybe the early 1970s). It fits the clawhammer style for the ukulele perfectly but you can strum it normally if you prefer. I recorded it in the key of F and the chord progression is really simple (not even a Bb chord to deal with). If you need help with the clawhammer strum be sure to watch my clawhammer tutorial series.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus – Fingerstyle Ukulele

This beautiful hymn was written by Helen Howarth Lemmel in 1922 and has been published in many hymnals over the years. Alan Jackson recorded it for his father-in-law’s funeral in 2005 and it became the foundation for his gospel album, “Precious Memories.” It’s written in 3/4 time and that’s the way I’ve recorded it, but Lauren Daigle’s popular version is in 4/4 time, which gives it a whole new feel.

I played a 3/4 fingerstyle pattern throughout the song. Here’s the pattern:

(strings–> 3-2-1-4-1-2

Amazing Grace – Chords, Lyrics, & 2 #Ukulele Tablature Arrangements

Note about the video: I recorded this as an audio MP3 in the days before video was common so the “video” is actually an audio recording. I would consider doing a video with chords and lyrics like the others I do if there’s enough interest, so let me know if you’d like to see it.

I created two tablatures for Amazing Grace:

Easy Chord Melody Solo — This is a pretty simple arrangement and is a good one for beginners since the tune is familiar to everyone and it sounds good when it’s played slowly. The “R” with the curved line on each chord stands for “Roll.” When you see that just do a nice slow downward strum with your thumb.

Fingerpicking Solo — This arrangement is similar to the EZ Chord Solo. The chords are the same. The big difference is that you are playing fill-in notes so the 3/4 rhythm of the song is heard. This makes it harder to play but a lot of the fill-in notes are on open strings so once you get used to it it’s fairly easy.

The recording features the fingerpicking solo along with pattern picking for the accompaniment (while I’m singing the verses).

Easy Chord Melody Solo:




Fingerpicking Solo:



Free and Easy – Gospel Ukulele Strum-along

With ukulele chords and lyrics. This is one of my favorite Christian songs. It was written by Wendell Burton and James Sundquist in the early 1970s but to me it still sounds new. The chords are easy but throughout most of the song there are 2 chord changes in each measure so it might be a little difficult to keep up with if you’re a beginner. Great chord changing practice though!

Some browsers (Chrome for sure) will allow you to change the speed if you want to slow it down. Choose the setting icon on the lower right hand side of the video for that option.